Staging & Deployment

Technology upgrades can be disruptive in any organisation. The proper planning and execution of a deployment can significantly reduce the disruption. The IT Group works closely with our clients to minimise the impact on day-to-day office operations and facility infrastructure.


For larger hardware installations we fully stage and warehouse equipment so it can be brought in and placed directly in service without excessive packaging.


We configure hardware offsite to avoid the delays inherent in onsite customisation and adequate staff is brought in to make the transition smooth and efficient.


Warehousing – Hardware is staged and stored offsite until ready.


Green Packaging – Products are removed from manufacturers packaging avoiding onsite disposal problems.


Recycling – We can recycle your old products and technology to prevent valuable materials from going into the waste stream.

Imaging – Have your new technology come ready–to-use with your software pre-loaded.

Project Management - The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints, something the IT Group prides themselves in achieving for all clients.


Custom BIOS Settings – All products come with custom BIOS settings defined by your organisation for increased security and improved manageability.


Deployment – When everything is ready we deploy in one smooth action.


Staffing – We always bring in the appropriate number of staff to make installation as non-disruptive as possible.