Managed Services

For us, managing technology is all about enabling our customers to operate more effectively. That’s why our managed IT services are focused on delivering tangible business benefits:


1. Reducing costs – when we manage your IT we’ll aim to reduce your on-going IT operating costs, as well as helping to reduce your recruitment, and training costs.

2. Increasing business agility – more than ever, organisations today need to be able to adapt to market changes quickly to remain competitive, that’s why we’ve designed our managed IT services to be flexible and scalable so that you can adjust the service in line with your business needs.

3. Reducing business risk – when we manage your IT we hold ourselves accountable for its availability. We put tight SLAs (service level agreements) in place and pro-actively manage your systems to identify and address potential problems before they occur.

4. Focusing your business on your core skills – we can help your in-house IT team to focus on strategic projects that will drive your business forward by freeing them from the burden of day to day systems management.

IT Support for Small Businesses

5. Project Management - the primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints, something the IT Group prides themselves in achieving for all clients.