Office IT Setup Services

Set up quicker, smoother & smarter.


IT setup for a new office or moving from one to another is a tiresome and time-consuming process. If your business is looking at setting up a new office in Ireland or abroad, we can help you in planning and setting up your new office IT infrastructure. Having set up plenty of new offices over 17+ years, you can trust our expert team with all your IT needs.


We offer a fully managed one-stop-shop service that includes research, planning, setup, testing and purchasing of all your IT equipment. We’ll take care of these for you, allowing you to focus on your business rather than IT.


Our office IT setup service is ideal for start-ups and small businesses with limited IT knowledge or resources, or international business looking to relocate in Ireland and are lacking local knowledge and supplier relationships.

Our IT setup services include:

  • Server setup and configuration

  • Computer desktop, laptop, tablet setup and configuration

  • Printers setup and configuration

  • Setup of office network and Internet access

  • Setup of communications systems – telephones, video conference, etc

  • Setup of mobile devices like iPhones and smartphones

  • Professional IT consultation